The Four Most Disruptive Things About Blockchain

The term ‘disruptive’ is shockingly abused. Not so when it comes to blockchain. Many people are not familiar with blockchain, and yet it’s set to become the next big thing, so we’re told by Gartner. In fact it seems the technology is about to change the world in ways most of us have never considered. This blog identifies the four most disruptive things that blockchain will do for us. But first we should talk about what blockchain actually is…

A Quick Introduction – Meet Blockchain

Blockchain is emerging from the shadow of Bitcoin to revolutionize everything from the reduction of human tracking to the creation of tech hubs in emerging economies. As a technology, it is designed to offer a democratization of trust – a model that can completely change how businesses think about completing transactions. It deconstructs our existing idea of how organizations and individuals can interact; rather than placing the authority for approving a process or transaction in the hands of one central body, blockchain shares the responsibility for authorization across a number of computers.

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