Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

We pride ourselves in being able to satisfy the most demanding specifications for mission critical infrastructure with innovative solutions from industry-leading providers.

Breakthrough Products

Breakthrough Products

Our diverse product offerings allow you to maximize protection and efficiency with UPS, power distribution, thermal management, monitoring tools, and surge protection.

Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive Services

We provide comprehensive services that will extend the life of critical infrastructure systems, increase availability, optimize system efficiency, and decrease total cost of ownership.

Solutions for Hospitals & Healthcare

Bringing technological superiority, product breadth, and service infrastructure, Liebert Maryland is the recognized leader in mission critical infrastructure for the healthcare industry. Our powerful UPS products are certified for life critical applications, including operating theaters, bi-plane procedures, surgical lasers, ICU monitoring, and kidney dialysis machines.
Healthcare IT systems are not just critical, they’re life critical. System availability and network reliability are necessities for healthcare facilities. Increases in server density and heat generation create unique cooling challenges, while imaging technologies and mandated NFPA generator testing put increased pressure on battery performance. We can help.
Your staff depends upon your IT infrastructure in order to diagnose, treat, and aid patients. A system that is efficient, reliable, and robust is critical in supporting effective healthcare operations. When your IT needs are met and your infrastructure is optimized, you staff is able to focus on providing quality care and and treatment to patients.

Centralized Power

Implement a strategic and efficient approach to power distribution with a centralized UPS.

Energy Efficiency

Cut your energy costs without sacrificing computing power or system availability.

Life Critical Solutions

We offer powerful products in support of life critical invasive procedures and electrical life support.

Improved Reliability

Eliminate downtime and prevent unplanned system interruptions that affect critical operations.

Thermal Management

Powerful products control heat and humidity to optimize system performance.

Longer Battery Life

Provide reliable power without diminishing battery life or producing waste.