Liebert Services

Extend the life of your critical systems

Extend the life of your critical systems

Preventive maintenance and continuous monitoring ensure that your systems are durable and sustainable, decreasing total cost of ownership.

Optimize system efficiency

Optimize system efficiency

System assessments and upgrades promote efficiency, reliability, and overall effectiveness of your IT infrastructure. We are able to recommend best practices to ensure compliance with NFPA and OSHA requirements.

Increase overall system availability

Increase overall system availability

Eliminate downtime and interruptions with continual maintenance. Maximizing availability allows for increased productivity and growth.

Comprehensive Service and Support

Let Liebert professionals ensure that your system is operating at optimal efficiency. With technical knowledge and product expertise, we can provide qualified assessments and necessary maintenance.
Liebert’s globally-renowned service and support network ensures that everyone who evaluates, uses, and deploys our solutions gets their questions answered—at any time, from anywhere.
Liebert Services is the total solution and can provide service capability for your entire facility infrastructure: from AC and DC power and battery system service solutions to environmental services.

Remote Monitoring Services

Site Level, UPS Monitoring, Battery Monitoring, Precision Cooling Monitoring

System Upgrades

VSD Upgrades, Full Bank Capacitor Replacement, Liebert Battery Spares Cabinet, UPS Upgrades

Customer Relationship Management

Infrastructure Experience, System-Level Accountability, Professional Service Coordination

Preventative Maintenance

Batteries, Switchgear/Circuit Breakers, UPS, Power Equipment, Cooling Equipment, Generators

Service Management and Support

Customer Resolution Center, Customer Services Network, Turnkey Project Management

Professional Assessment and Testing

CFD Design Verification, Cooling Assessment, Switchgear Testing, Infrared Inspection, Load Testing