Utilities Ranks Number One in Vertiv’s List of World’s Most Critical Industries

When Vertiv evaluated the world’s most critical industries, Utilities ranked number one.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to data center professionals who deploy high-availability power architectures to protect their equipment from even the slightest disruption in utility power. Despite advances in renewable energy and on-site generation, most data centers still depend on power from the utility grid.

And, the world increasingly depends on data centers—Cloud and Colocation ranked as the fifth most critical industry in our report—and is certainly not alone in its dependence on the grid. Just about every industry we analyzed, from financial services to mass transportation to manufacturing, would be paralyzed by a prolonged power outage. Not only do we directly depend on Utilities in our homes and workplaces, but more and more of the services we use daily in our increasingly digital world depend on Utilities.

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